Information about Kaffepause


Kaffepause is an online marketplace where local Norwegians and visitors can meet over a cup of coffee.

Coffee is essential to Norwegians! 

What we hope to achieve with Kaffepause is to share our national coffee culture with people who choose to experience Norway as a visitor.

Some visitors say it can be tricky to get to know us Norwegians – we have a reputation for being somewhat shy and introvert. We have no desire to change that with Kaffepause. What we want is to open the door ajar and provide Norwegians and visitors with an opportunity to meet, bond and learn to know each - over the joy of a cup of coffee.

Everyone who has tried Kaffepause describes it as a wonderful experience. All you must do is register as a guest - or a coffee host, and you are all set. Easy right?

Welcome to Norway!