Welcome for a coffe at Stangnes - the best place on earth!

I would love to invite you Stangnes and have a cup of black(!) coffe or hot chocolate.

Stangnes is a part of the European Geo Park and Jomfruland National Park, and it is a magnificent nature-area.
The trail from the parking lot to Stangnes is short and easy to walk, so there should be no problem in reaching this idyllic seaside destination. In other words, Stangnes is only accessible by foot or bike, which helps to secure the tranquility of this gorgeous area.

I'll pack a thermos with coffe or hot chocolate, some cups and you need to put on warm clothes, good hiking shoes and a windproof jacket!

Type of coffee I offer: Coffee from local shop prepared in my house, or a hot chocolate
Where I offer coffee chat: Stangnes, Kragerø. On the road to Portør, Portørveien, there will be a sign that shows the driveway to Stangnes. At the end of the road and where the trail starts there is a parking lot. I will meet you there :)
Favourite topics: Kragerø, travel, nature, silence, food, and life it self
Language: Norsk, Swedish, English and a little German